Privacy beyond your front door...


A passion for privacy: mine, yours and theirs

I created this site to provide a platform to discuss all things privacy.  The goal is to provide information on current privacy policies, insight into where privacy laws are going and discuss privacy best practices. 

Privacy is no longer limited to our house, cars and phone calls.   With the constantly developing privacy principles, both the personal and corporate landscapes are changing.  I'll share my thoughts on how privacy laws impact each of us and why its important to all of us. 

It's likely that each of us have experienced a breach of our email account, credit card or social media account.  I too have had my privacy violated and its this kind of intrusion that drives my passion for privacy.  Join me in exploring how technological trends are changing the way we think about privacy and how we can protect it!

If you would like to share your thoughts or have a burning question about privacy policies - please reach out.


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